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About She Sends + The Send Guide

The Send Guide was written and created by three lady senders and nutritionists–Krissy, Whitney, and Arielle–who have been crushing trails, slopes, and the status quo for the entirety of their lives. In addition to being experienced in things like backpacking, climbing, running, snow sports, and nutrition, all three also have medical training to assist in teaching you how to send as safely as possible.

In addition to the 250-page digital resource you can literally keep in your back pocket on your phone at all times, you also get access to the She Sends network!! In this network you can join the groups of your liking in order to connect with others, new and experienced. The guide is where the magical starts but the network is where the magic happens. Ask questions, share stories, get inspired, buy/sell gear, and make new friends.

Yours hosts regularly poke into the group to answer your questions, share their adventures, post educational outdoor content, and make special announcements.

Why should you buy The Send Guide and join the She Sends network?

Want to start backpacking? Trail running? Rock climbing? Skiing? Snowboarding? Mountaineering? The Send Guide is a beginners guide to all things outdoor adventure to get you started. The guide was written in a way that even the most inexperienced can understand while also still being beneficial to the new and intermediate.

Not only for women but not for men...

We welcome anyone with the pronouns she/her or them/they or a combo of the two to join. We know the network is called She Sends, but we have a group called They Send for nonbinary to people to connect and support one another. We also have an LGBTQIA+ group for queer people (and allies) to connect.

Sorry bros, but this is no boys club!!!

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